The Many Faces of Sabin Howard’s National WWI Memorial

Five months into principle sculpture on A Soldier’s Journey, the 58’ long figurative relief commemorating WWI, we have settled into a warm rhythm in the studio. Workday mornings start with coffee and conversation around the kitchen area. Then the models peel off to change into their uniforms while the sculptors arrange the props and adaptations necessary for the models to hold their poses for long periods.

Sculptor Sabin Howard, photo by Crystal Cox
Sabin Howard sculpting on left; Charlie Mostow sculpting on right; Photos by Crystal Cox
Sabin Howard in his studio
Sabin and Charlie discussing the process
A Soldier’s Journey, with figures numbered
Standing Mom, Figure 3, photo by Sabin Howard
Heroic Mom, Figure 4
Paul-Emile Cendron posing for Kneeling Dad, Figure 2
Crouching Guy, Figure 8, on left; Calling Guy, Figure 9, on right
Video by Madeleine Howard
Left, end scene of A Soldier’s Journey maquette; Right, Madeleine, Traci, and Sabin

Traci L. Slatton is an international, award-winning, best-selling author. Her novel IMMORTAL is set to be made into a miniseries.

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